Camp Life Has Rhythms

My Car & Camper

After about three solid weeks here this year and previous, smaller visits to my parents in recent years, I have a sense of the rhythms of this place. It is really quiet and peaceful from Sunday evening to Thursday or Friday, at least during late April and May. On the weekends, it’s a good bit busier and louder. After 10pm on weeknights, there’s a stillness that I rarely get to experience in my life. It’s really enjoyable.

After Memorial Day, when various school systems in the area start letting out, it becomes busier during the week. There are fewer people who just come for the weekend and more that stay all week anywhere from a week or two to the whole summer. On Friday and Saturday nights, there are a lot more teenagers cruising around in golf carts with loud stereos attached, many of which have brightly colored LED lights attached to them.

Real estate inflation has hit this place, too. More on that in another post.

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