Police State

I’ve been accused of hyperbole in recent years when I’ve said that we’re becoming and maybe are a police state. People say it’s hyperbole because our government hadn’t yet used the authority and equipment it’s been amassing against us. Today, in Ferguson, Missouri we watched cops in military gear ride into town on armored personnel carriers to break up a peaceful, daytime protest. They arrested journalists in broad daylight for doing their job. Is it still hyperbole to say we’re a police state? Do we have to see an action like this where the cops murder journalists? I mean, the protest itself is over cops murdering an unarmed young man. Or does it take citizens and journalists “disappearing” and never being seen again to say we’re a police state? Maybe it takes this happening all the time, every day. Even in the worst states there have been people willing to speak out in public. It can’t fall to “we’re only a police state when you can’t say we’re a police state” as the proof. You can always say it.

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