Social Media Changes

Instagram is making changes to its API that make the way I use it obsolete. I probably won’t quit using it entirely, but I’ll be a lot more likely to use 500px now for my social photo stuff. I’m probably also going to take a stab at moving more into twitter and less into Facebook. We’ll see. But i’m in the process of overhauling my website and how I use social media.

Neighborhood Remnants

Once upon a time, there was a neighborhood in Atlanta called Bedford Pine in the Old Fourth Ward. It started a block from me and went east to Boulevard. It started just north of Sweet Auburn and ran to North Avenue. By the 60s, it had become a slum. The entire neighborhood was knocked down in the 60s and 70s for various urban renewal projects. One of those projects was the Civic Center which runs the block between Ralph McGill and Pine on Piedmont. Ralph McGill was named Forrest Ave and intersected with Bedford Place. As in Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the KKK. Renaming it for an anti-segregationist is one of my favorite things about living on this street. Traces of the Bedford Pine name survive here and there around the area.

I went to the post office down the street from me. It’s named Civic Center Station. A couple of blocks away, there’s a MARTA stop also named Civic Center. The Civic Center is being torn down in 2016 and the whole block is being redeveloped in 2017. I wonder, now, if the Civic Center name will also survive in some places around the area decades after the Civic Center is also gone.

The picture linked below is from the Bedford Pine neighborhood when it still existed. The pic doesn’t say what street its on. Based on the angles and distance to some iconic downtown buildings, I would guess it’s on what is now Renaissance Parkway or, possibly (but less likely) Ralph McGill Blvd.

Class Shit

If you grow up poor trash or a gutter punk or whatever and then you get an education and/or achieve financial “success”, you may tend to think the middle class liberals are just a gentler version of what you are. You may think of them as natural allies. There are some good reasons for that. Most of the time, though, you’ll be wrong and you’ll be disappointed by them.

On Presidential Politics 2016, #1

There aren’t many scenarios where I will say that something is a zero sum game. Intra-party nomination fights are one of those few. Nothing that happens regarding Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, or Lincoln Chafee for as long as they are in this fight is happening in a vacuum. Nothing that happens to any one of them is simply about them. Anything that helps one of them hurts the others and damn near anything that hurts one of them, helps at least one of the others. Anyone (anyone!) who does not get this, isn’t grown up enough to talk about a presidential election.